Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drink#79: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Stay tuned for a drink tomorrow :-)
  1. Updating to Rails 3 - Part 1: Wondering how to migrate your app to Rails 3? Mikel has a nice and detailed post about how they did it for
  2. Top Ruby Jobs – Looking for a gig?: Gregg Pollack announces, a dedicate ruby based job board. If you're on the hunt, may be subscribe and keep an eye!
  3. Ruby on Rails Bedtime Stories « I like stuff.: Brian Morearty makes his point about using instance variables from controllers and cached views - would you create a helper method just to hide the @ symbol and memoize? I won't. But its a good read.
  4. Juggernaut 2: Juggernaut helps you with reverse ajax or comet like behavior implementation where the server pushes notifications to web clients. Version 2 is improved and uses nodejs.
  5. eHarmony's algorithm of love: [Detour] Making $250M/yr out of love algorithm?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drink#78: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

This beautiful drink-trio is from Smaku

  1. Writing modular web applications with Rack: Little advanced topic, but you might wanna read this to see how to build plugins/gems that fit into the Ruby on Rails app stack.
  2. Stop Rails Console from barfing a ton of data: Frustrated with the huge array of objects at rails console after executing a loop? Check this little trick and see the comments.
  3. Sanitize to the rescue!: Carlos Antônio shares a few handy TextHelper and SanitizeHelper methods.
  4. Read Ruby: A Free, 19 Chapter Ruby 1.9 Reference Guide: Free Ruby 1.9 book.
  5. Episode 232: Routing Walkthrough Part 2: Ryan Bates shows the use of Mapper class in Rails 3 routes.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drink#77: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Photos from Al_HikesAZ

  1. You're cuking it right: Use Cuke? Are you doing it right? Here is an opinion about getting it right.
  2. oauth2_provider: Make your Rails app an OAuth v2.0 provider: Make use of OAuth using this library for your Ruby on Rails projects.
  3. Making a module testable with 'extend self': Nice little trick with a code example.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drink#76: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

This week is really rainy here in Calgary. However, its nice to have a cup of Tim Horton's coffee if you are anywhere in Canada. So, here's one for you:

  1. Phusion Passenger 3.0.0 public beta 1 is out!: Check this out for deploying Ruby on Rails 3 apps.
  2. Diaspora Source Released on GitHub!: See here.
  3. Colorblind: trendy make-up for your Rails logger: Style 'em!
  4. Bundler and Public Git Sources: Are you pointing directly to other's public github repos for gems? May not be an ideal solution. How about forking to your public repo and using that?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Drink#75: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Beautiful photo by nattu

  1. Why Bundler?: Watched this video? Should clarify a lot of things that go behind the scene.
  2. Ezror: Install everything (ruby, rails, passenger and so on) for your rails deployment server in a single command using their script.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drink#74: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Photo taken from floodkoff photo stream

  1. Using Factory Girl with Rails 3 « databasically // Kansas City ...: Wes shares his bundler code for using Factory Girl with Rails 3.
  2. RVM and cron in production: See how to setup your RVM on a production box and also run cron tasks.
  3. Ruby on Rails 2.3.9 Released: Jeremy Kemper announces another close to Rails 3 release for Rails 2.3.8 users. Migrate if your app is running without deprecation on Rails 2.3.8.
  4. RSoC status: Namespacing engines: Some updates from Ruby Summer of Code projects, this has been merged into Rails master.
  5. Rails 3.1 talks are on the way!: José Valim writes about Rails 3.1 bits.
  6. Rails 3, HTML 5 and client-side forms validations using Validator: Unobtrusive Rails 3 and client side validation using HTML 5 helpers.
  7. Receiving Incoming Email in Rails 3 – choosing the right approach: Need to receive email for a Rails 3 project? Take a look at some of the options at this blog post.
  8. Episode 230: Inherited Resources: Ryan Bates shows how to use Inherited Resources to cut short on simple RESTful controllers.
  9. Automatic Flushing: The Rails 3.1 Plan: If you are interested in the details of auto-flush that will be a part of Rails 3.1, this has a good details.