Monday, August 30, 2010

Drink#73: Your ruby on rails juice

Photo from dominiqueb's photo stream

  1. Episode 229: Polling for Changes: Ryan Bates with a nice screencast on polling for server data using jQuery.
  2. Get a 40% discount on the Rails 3 Tutorial book (one day only): Hurry up!
  3. installation guide to ruby on rails 3.0.0 on windows server 2003 sr2: wazoo shows you how to bring the goodness of Ruby on Rails 3 on a windows box.
  4. Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook - $9 Special: Another deal on a Ruby on Rails 3 book. Check it out!
  5. Rails 3 Charity: Show your love for Rails 3 by contributing to a Charity that uses Rails as their infrastructure and helps people with drinking water.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drink#72: Ruby on Rails 3 is here

Rails 3.0 is here! As David puts it in his words "after two years of work & thousands of commits. What an amazing community achievement!"
Hi, Amazing community, enjoy your smartest ever web framework and see your friends envy you for what a fortune you have with Rails 3.0. I find it wonderful to be a part of this Ruby on Rails brotherhood.
The Riding Rails post has a little summary of the most useful new features in this release. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drink#71: Ruby on Rails 3 guides and resources

  1. David just announced the release of Ruby on Rails 3.0 is coming THIS WEEK! So, if you wanna catch up with the latest, you better start now. Here is a list of guides that should help you find the useful bits about Ruby on Rails 3.
  • Rails guides: As always, the best place to start.
  • Bundler: Probably the most discussed new component of Rails.
  • ActionMailer: This railscast is an excellent source for learning ActionMailer 3, which has same roots as the ActionController in Rails 3.
  • Upgrading to Rails: Again, another series of 3 screencasts from Ryan to help you in migrating your Rails 2 apps to Rails 3.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Drink#70: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Photo credits to Framboise

  1. Devise 1.1 is out and ready to rock with Rails 3: José Valim announces the release of Devise 1.1. If you haven't looked into Devise yet, this is a Rack integrated Auth framework for Ruby on Rails and is getting huge traction these days. I recommend checking this out, may be helpful for your project.
  2. Episode 228: Sortable Table Columns: Ryan Bates simplifies the table sorting implementation using Ruby on Rails.
  3. Use negative Array indices: This is a beautiful feature from Ruby that lets you index the last element of an Array using an index of -1, 2nd last one using -2 and so forth.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drink#69: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

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  1. Ruby 1.9.2 is released: See what's new and deprecated.
  2. Use STI and polymorphic model for multiple uploads: Nice solution to upload multiple attachments using paperclip for a single model.
  3. Skinny Daemons: Package your daemon tasks into gems and deploy easily to multiple servers.
  4. Misunderstanding the Law of Demeter: A ruby example that clarifies why the Law of Demeter, as Dan puts it, should be applied for behaviors instead of attributes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Drink#68: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

From nutmeg's photostream

  1. Episode 227: Upgrading to Rails 3 Part 3: Ryan Bates wraps up his series of posts on upgrading to Rails 3.
  2. Bundler, because your gems depend on gems too: Using bundler for building gems as well as managing dependencies.
  3. [Detour] Researching HTML5 Offline: Patrick Bacon shares his valuable findings using HTML 5, especially local storage and offline features. Might be useful for some Ruby on Rails web app developers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Drink#67: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Cranberry Juice by BobbyProm

  1. Episode 226: Upgrading to Rails 3 Part 2: Ryan Bates with his second post on migrating to Ruby on Rails 3.
  2. A Brief Look at New Routing Techniques in Rails 3: Kyle Gibson shares his look at the new Ruby on Rails 3 routing.
  3. Monitoring Memory with JRuby, Part 1: jhat and VisualVM: Charles Oliver Nutter discusses memory related stuffs for JRuby.
  4. “Start spreading the news”: the future of Jimmy and IronRuby: Jimmy left Microsoft and now the IronRuby team is a one person team :-( For people like me, who migrated to Ruby on Rails having a .Net framework, this is a real bad news. I was so looking forward to Ruby on Visual Studio.
  5. New Twitter Button Gem from Intridea: Bring Tweet this and RT count to your Ruby on Rails app using this gem.
  6. Formtastic 1.0 Release: Formtastic finally hit 1.0, worth checking the new features.
  7. Rails 3 Internals: Railtie & Creating Plugins: Plugin creation is simpler than ever and may surprise you how simple they are with Ruby on Rails 3!