Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drink#66: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

  1. Grep anything from your Enumerables: Nice little tip to simplify enumerable select.
  2. Deploying Your Ruby on Rails Application Using Git and Capistrano ...: Cameron shares a capistrano deploy file for the community.
  3. Mailman from RSoC: Read emails using your familiar paradigm, painlessly.
  4. HTML5, a complete start up guide: Little digression, but this should be interesting to all web developers. Wondering where to learn HTML 5? Samiron has a list of resources including the already famous

Monday, July 26, 2010

Drink#65: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Lemonade by floodkoff

  1. Riding Rails: Rails 3.0: Release candidate!: David announces the release of Ruby on Rails 3.0 RC.
  2. Episode 223: Charts: Ryan Bates with another great post on Ruby on Rails 3 controller changes.
  3. What’s New in Bundler 1.0.0.rc.1: wycats on new features of Bundler.
  4. No Callbacks, No Threads & Ruby 1.9: Gregg Pollack shares the discussion about asynchronous Ruby programming.
  5. BDDCasts on Rails3 and RSpec2: Having trouble upgrading to Rails 3 with your RSpecs?
  6. Returning: Did you ever use returning in Ruby? Its a beautiful little ruby of Ruby.
  7. Roadmap for Learning Rails: A really nice flow for newcomers to Ruby on Rails.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drink#64: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Lemonade and Lime by nickwheeleroz

  1. Email validation in Ruby On Rails without regexp « La rolls des blogs: Hallelujah shares his email validation example code that doesn't use regular expressions and uses a Rails 3 way of custom validator.
  2. Concurrency and the AASM Gem: xaviershay discusses about their AASM gem for implementing code concurrency in Ruby.Publish Post

Monday, July 19, 2010

Drink#63: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

I am not seeing a lot of promising posts about Ruby on Rails these days :-( However, I cherry picked the following two for my readers:
  1. Rails Best Practices 3: Increase Controller’s readability An example demonstrating skinny controllers and fat models as a Rails best practice.
  2. Episode 223: Charts: Ryan Bates demonstrates Highcharts as a charting solution for Ruby on Rails apps.
  3. Why I Like Ruby, Part 2: Blocks: Rob makes his point about Ruby as he shows the beauty of blocks and method_missing!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Drink#62: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

fatty crab by cherrypatter

  1. Episode 222: Rack in Rails 3: Ryan Bates demonstrates how to make use of Rack hookups inside Ruby on Rails 3 routes.
  2. Twelve Hours of Ruby on Rails Video | Cart Craze – the finest ...: doku just compiled a 12 hour video library for Ruby on Rails learners. I haven't had the time to see it all, but looks like its a good one for new comers.
  3. Rails Magazine Issue 6: 10 Great Articles for Free: Peter Cooper shares Rails Magazine Issue #6, a good collection of Ruby on Rails related articles!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drink#61: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Kiwi juice by Photo Story Teller

  1. Ruby Tracker, the Ruby Dependency Manager: Nathaniel Bibler
    writes about the Tracker that will tell you when your dependencies have updated!
  2. RSoC status: bringing engines closer to application: Get some updates from whats going at Ruby Summer of Code!
  3. Design Patterns in Ruby: Adapter: Stefano shares a quick code example of Adapter pattern implementation using Ruby.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Drink#60: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Strawberry Juice by Ferry Hattawidian

  1. New Array and Enumerable methods in Ruby 1.9.2: keep_if, chunk...: A set of newly introduced methods for Array and Enumerable manipulation. Worth talking a look at!
  2. New Active Record scoping syntax: José Valim has an interesting discussion about scoped and unscoped from ActiveRelation.
  3. Episode 221: Subdomains in Rails 3: Ryan Bates with his railscast on using Subdomains with Ruby on Rails 3.
  4. How to build your own widget in Ruby on Rails in 10 minutes ...: Aymeric shows how to build a Ruby on Rails widget with controller, view, javascript and css.