Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drink#59: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Cranberry cocktails by petitshoo

  1. Ruby Sex Symbol - :sex A little ruby joke :-)
  2. SimpleForm: forms made easy - Carlos Antonio with an elaborate post about SimpleForm that simplifies form building for Ruby on Rails applications.
  3. Could Ruby be Apple’s Language and API Future? Do you believe it? I am skeptical about it :-(

Monday, June 28, 2010

Drink#58: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

  1. Episode 220: PDFKit: Ryan Bates with a screencast on PDFKit (rack middleware supported) to simplify PDF generation using Ruby on Rails.
  2. RailsConf 2010: Neal Ford, "Creativity & Constraint": A nice presentation (mainly on ruby on rails views).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drink#56: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Cranberry juice by BobbyProm

  1. The Future of Shoulda: Yes, shulda works with Ruby on Rails 3!
  2. Rethinking PDF Creation in Ruby: PDFKit to the rescue.
  3. Programming Tips: Ruby on Rails: Full text search options: A set of options for implementing full text search in Ruby on Rails.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Drink#55: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

If you are like me then you are already missing all the talks that you might have enjoyed if you could attend at the RailsConf 2010. However, for my readers, here's a few youtube links of the talks:

Drink#54: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Back from the trip to Europe! I attended the XP 2010 conference and then a few other European cities. However, for my readers I will be posting Ruby on Rails Drinks regularly again from now on!

  1. Rails 3 Screencasts: Gregg Pollack shares a bunch of Ruby on Rails screencasts.
  2. Ruby Hero Awards 2010: Gregg Pollack announces Ruby Hero awards at the RailsConf.
  3. Rethinking Rails 3 Controllers and Routes: Peepcode makes a few points about how we are using controllers and routes in Ruby on Rails and somewhat favors Sinatra in this regard.
  4. Inline Attachments for ActionMailer: Michael Lindsaar pushed a streamlined support for inline attachments with the new Mailer.
  5. Catch all routes: Never get the Route not found!
  6. Validate and Save your Ruby in TextMate – with secret Rubinus superpowers: Syntax error tips for Ruby inside TextMate.
  7. Episode 216: Generators in Rails 3: Ryan Bates with three useful screencasts.
  8. Episode 217: Multistep Forms
  9. Episode 218: Making Generators in Rails 3
  10. Rails 3.0: Beta 4 now, RC in days: David announces Beta 4 of Rails 3.0
  11. Using Bundler with rails 2.3.X: May be handy for someone who wants to keep using Rails 2.3.x with the bundler goodies.
  12. Formtastic 1.0.0.beta Released: Getting close to release 1.0.x
  13. Data Driven Application Deployment with Chef: Make it part of your setup!