Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drink#44: Your Ruby on Rails drinks for the day

  1. Inside Ruby on Rails: Serializing Ruby objects with JSON – Simone ...: Simone Carletti wrote on ActiveSupport::JSON and regular JSON for json serializing of your ruby objects.
  2. Live free: RailsConf for Ruby on Rails.: Chetan announces the RailsConf at Baltimore Convention Center.
  3. Ruby on Rails Migration Cheat Sheet: This is quite a comprehensive list of commands that you need to manage database related stuffs in ruby on rails.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drink#43: Ruby on rails blog rolls of the day

Well, its raining all day here in Calgary. So, I thought I would share a coffee with you instead of a juice!

    Image credits to's photostream

    1. How to check if an ActiveRecord attribute is present : A simple tip that's often unnoticed even by many experienced ruby on rails pros!
    2. Nestful: A Simple Ruby HTTP/REST Client Library: Peter Cooper shares a simple RESTful ruby client that can be used to easily make RESTful requests and consume the responses.
    3. Thinking In Rails » Blog Archive » Favorite Ruby and Rails Podcasts: Alan shares a nice list of podcast sources for keeping up to date with ruby on rails.

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Drink#42: Your Ruby on Rails blog roll for the day

    1. Rails 3 with RVM FTW!: Hugo Bara├║na shares some RVM commands to get side-by-side installation of multiple ruby instances that may help you in testing out the Rails 3 beta features.
    2. 45minute video on introduction to Windows Azure and running Ruby on Rails in the cloud: Ruby on rails on the Microsoft cloud framework.
    3. ASP.NET MVC vs. Rails 3: A comparison between ASP.NET MVC and Rails 3. I personally think this list is not comprehensive and has a few key points missing such as the plugin architecture in rails, RESTful API and the likes. But its good as a basic comparison.

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Drink#41: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    1. A Whole New ActionMailer: Another screencast on ActionMailer 3!
    2. Episode 211: Validations in Rails 3: Ryan Bates on new validation framework for ActiveModel objects.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Drink#40: Ruby on rails blogs of the day

    Photo from Issey Niwa's photostream

    1. Recurring events: Fabio Yamate on the use of Recurrence gem which fires recurring events for your ruby on rails applications. Other alternative solutions are whenever, rufus-scheduler etc.
    2. Tickle: An extension of chornic that parses recurring times such as every 3 weeks or middle of month for recurring events! Source: A fresh cup blog.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Drink#39: Your ruby on rails blogs for the day

    1. Named Gem Environments and Bundler: Katz continues on some bundler goodies compared to Rubygems.
    2. Introducing BrB, extremely fast interface for doing distributed ruby: Interprocess communication between two/more ruby programs using a middleware.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Drink#38: Ruby on rails blogs for the day

    Photo from shinyai's photostream.

    1. Episode 210: Customizing Devise: Ryan Bates with the second screencast on Devise that talks about customizing Devise ruby on rails full stack authentication/authorization to your needs.
    2. state_machine 0.9.0: Locked and loaded: The state_machine plugin is fully loaded for Ruby on Rails 3 and on its way to Release 1.0.0.

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Drink#37: Ruby on Rails blog posts for the day

    Image from Lorenia on Flickr

    1. Census: Rails Demographics Collection: Mark Kendall introduces census, a gem to take care of your customer feedbacks for the ruby on rails apps.
    2. Testing Top Level Methods in Ruby with RSpec: Kyle Gibson shares a simple technique to test top level methods (the ones apparently outside any module or class) in ruby.
    3. A new Chapter 2 for Ruby on Rails Tutorial: The ruby on rails online tutorial book has a new chapter now!
    4. Ruby Require Order Problems: Katz with another post on the shortcomings of rubygems and require related issues that are now solved in bundler and ruby on rails 3.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Drink#36: Ruby on Rails Blog Roll For the Day

    Photo taken from waferboard's photostream

    1. Installing RSpec for Rails 3: Installing RSpec and autotest through bundler.
    2. Announcing Engine Yard University: Zero to Rails 3: Anders Tjernlund announces Ruby on Rails training school during May 17-19, San Fransisco.

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Drink#35: Your Ruby on Rails Blog Roll For the Day

    1. IronRuby 1.0 Released: Microsoft’s 3 Years With Ruby Pay Off: Microsoft now has the first major release of IronRuby. I am excited to test it :-)
    2. Rails 3.0: Third beta release: Here comes Ruby on Rails Beta 3, one step closer to the RC. 

    Drink#34: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Image credits to StuartWerster on Flickr (creative commons)
    1. Deep Object Cloning in Ruby on Rails: Cameron shares his praise for DefV's  deep_cloning plugin.
    2. Full Text Search in Ruby on Rails 3 - ferret: A step by step guide to use ferret in ruby on rails 3 apps.
    3. Learning new things about Ruby on Rails every day: Some commonly unnoticed Ruby on Rails goodies: OrderedHash, group_by and any?
    4. Some of the Problems Bundler Solves: Katz on his insights about decisions that were made as they developed the new bundler v 0.9 for Ruby on Rails. A really nice technical read.

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Drink#33: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    My NetNewsWire RSS Reader went silent after I changed my google account password :-( However, after a weekend's break here's your Ruby on Rails juice to the start the week.
    Image credits to Lorenia on Flickr (creative commons)

    1. Twongo Website & Screencast: Gregg Pollack shares, one of their new ruby on rails product. I like the concept of team buying. Take a look if you aren't already familiar to this.
    2. I am speaking at RailsConf 2010: (From The talk title is called "Itch Scratching the ActionMailer API".
    3. Episode 209: Introducing Devise: Ryan Bates on Devise, a full-featured authentication solution for Ruby on Rails.
    4. Ruby on Rails: How to bypass Model validation | Randika Rathugama: Randika shares save_with_validation(false) as a way to avoid ActiveRecord validations.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Drink#32: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Image credits to Smaku on Flickr(creative commons)
    1. Announcing Rails Dispatch!: is gonna be another ruby on rails resource site.
    2. Snapbird - Twitter search on steroids: Need to search twitter feeds? Here you go!
    3. Rails 3 Session Secret and Session Store: The session secret got even smarter in Ruby on Rails 3.
    4. Awesome option parsing.: Command line optional arguments parsing using clean code.
    Other Ruby on Rails link blog:
    1. Double Shot #686: Mike Gunderloy

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Drink#31: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Not a lot of posts from the ruby on rails community in the last two days :-( However, here's your little drink!
    Image credits to Photo Story Teller on Flickr (creative commons)

    1. What’s new in Rails 3.0 Beta 2: Jacob discusses the changes pushed in Ruby on Rails 3 beta 2.
    2. awesome_print: A New Pretty Printer for your Ruby Objects: Your favorite puts extended beautifully with colors and visuals!

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Drink#30: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Image credits to floridecires on Flickr (creative commons)
    1. Episode 208: ERB Blocks in Rails 3: Ryan Bates on Rails 3 beta2 way of using erb tags that revised the use of = sign to conform to the standards.
    2. Deployment of Ruby on Rails applications on OpenBSD « Helion-Prime ...: Alex writes on ruby on rails deployment platform thats ready to scale!
    3. Testing RESTful response types: Jamie shares is assert_response_is method to test for various response types.
    4. Saving Attachments using TMail And Ruby OnRails: POP3 and Ruby on Rails to get the attachments from an email inbox.

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Drink#29: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Wish you all are enjoying easter holidays. Here is your ruby on rails drink for today!
    Image credits to on Flickr (creative commons)
    1. Quick tip: search forms: Using openstructs and form_for to simplify multi attribute search forms.
    2. If you're lazy and you know it write your specs!: Counter balance your lazy instinct by writing Specs :-)
    3. Delayed Job hits 2.0: Delayed Job 2.0 is released which is allegedly 6 times faster than the 1.8.5 version using ActiveRecord! 

    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    Drink#28: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Image credits to eszter on Flickr (creative commons)
    1. Premailer - prep your HTML email by inlining CSS: Html emails often are better with inline CSS. Premailer helps you just do that.
    2. Some good Ruby on Rails tutorials: A good collection of resources for learning Ruby on Rails.
    3. Using .gemspecs as Intended: wycats on standard approach to build ruby gems.
    Other Ruby on rails link blogs:

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Drink#27: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Image credits to bigux on Flickr (creative commons)
    1. Rails 3.0: Second beta release: David announces Ruby on Rails 3 beta 2 release. Give it a try!
    2. Padrino: A Webapp Framework Wrapped Around Sinatra: Sinatra wrapped smartly inside Padrino with a host of extras!
    3. Calling Shell Commands From Ruby: 4 lines of code has a nice post on running shell command from ruby.
    4. Internationalize (I18n) an Array of Strings in Rails: 4 lines of code has another tip on using arrays in your yaml or yml files that may be useful in internationalization.
    5. JavaScript Style: Camel case java script or underscored? Javascript libraries seem to be on the camelCase side!

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Drink#26: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Image credits to unite on Flickr (creative commons)
    1. Slice your Arrays: Simple ruby way to slice and shuffle your arrays using each_cons, each_slice and shuffle!
    2. Introducing Rails Routes TextMate Bundle: Easy ruby on rails code navigation for TextMate using this bundle!
    3. Bundle Me Some Sanity: Take a look at the bundler goodies as things are stabling down towards the release of Ruby on Rails 3.

    Drink#25: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

    Image credits to Food thinkers on Flickr (creative commons)
    1. Formtastic 0.9.8: Here comes Formtastic 0.9.8!
    2. Pivotal Pulse and Integrity: terry talks about Hudson, Pulse and Integrity for continuous integration and different kinds of ruby on rails tests.
    3. - did you know?: Its my little post on vs flash!