Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drink#24: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to Stop the pop on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Ruby Heroes: Guess who! Its the RailsTutorial project. Congrats. Read the work in progress book (chapter 1-8) for free on their site.
  2. Ubiquo: A RailsFul CMS! If you are looking for multimedia powered CMS, Ubiquo can be a candidate solution.
  3. Ruby Off the Rails: Interesting discussion on StackOverflow about using standalone Ruby for different tasks. See the responses and the number of votes it got :-)
  4. Who is using ruby on rails in production?: Another StackOverflow discussion with a handful of references on real production projects using Ruby on Rails. If you are trying to convince someone else about using Ruby on Rails, this might be a good reference sheet for you.

Drink#23: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to liber on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Rails Skeletons {{tags: ruby on rails, skeleton, github, templates ...: A few handy project templates to get going with ruby on rails project with a bunch of things in-built for you.
  2. The Lowdown on Routes in Rails 3: Rizwan Reza wrote on Ruby on Rails 3 Routes and little about Rack, Sinatra etc. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Drink#23: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

It has been a while since I found something interesting from the Ruby on Rails community in the blogosphere. However, here is a Ruby on Rails drink for you to start the week :-)
Image credits to BobbyProm on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Episode 207: Syntax Highlighting: Ryan Bates shares a screencast on source code syntax highlighting using Coderay, Ultraviolet and Pygments.
  2. Rails 3 reading list in Ruby and Rails | Icebergist: Slobodan Kovačević links to some useful resources for learning new things about Ruby on Rails 3.
  3. html2haml an entire directory: terry shares a bash script to convert all html inside a folder to haml using the html2haml script.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drink#22: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to realSIMLEY on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Remail: Send and Receive E-mail Through Google App Engine for Free: Peter Cooper shares Remail a REST way of sending and receiving emails using google app engine.
  2. Sinatra 1.0 Released: Major Milestone for Ruby’s Best Webapp DSL: Peter Cooper announces the Release 1.0 of Sinatra.
  3. Rails and the Enterprise: This is an insightful story on Ruby on Rails adoption in the Enterprise industry, which some of us don't see being a common thing unless we observe deeply.
  4. Ruby Summer of Code: Ruby on Rails didn't make it to the Google Summer of Code this time. But don't worry Engine Yard and Ruby Central launched Ruby Summer of Code for students :-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drink#21: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to SHOfrE3zE on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Open Source Shopping Cart Software for Ruby on Rails | Open Source ...: Mike shares Spree, an open-source Ruby on Rails based shopping-cart software.
  2. IronRuby Q&A – What’s Down With Microsoft’s Ruby Implementation In 2010?: Where is IronRuby heading? Having a .Net background I am always curios and hope someday I will be able to go back to Visual Studio and do Ruby on Rails projects. That would be fun :-)
  3. Untangling Evented Code with Ruby Fibers: Event-driven programming using ruby is relatively new and this explains the paradigm with a few code examples.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Drink#20: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to boozysmurf on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Jason Calacanis vs. David Heinemeier Hansson on This Week in Startups: Jason F. shares the video of David's interview at the Startups weekly cast.
  2. Episode 206: Action Mailer in Rails 3: Ryan Bates with a Railscast on ActionMailer 3, that has been changed to its core!
  3. WebROaR: Here comes another Ruby Application Server which claims to be 5 to 55% faster than other deployment stacks.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drink#19: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to Experiment 33 on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Ruby Scales, AND It's Fast – If You Do It Right! | Engine Yard ...: Kirk Haines explains how ruby scales.
  2. Best of RubyFlow: 12 Ruby Links From March 2010: Peter Cooper shares a good collection of March resources.
  3. Blue Light Special: Mark shares the Blue Light goodies that combines some of the most used gems in a kickstart.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drink#18: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to StacieBee on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Ruby Best Practices: Download this book for free!
  2. rails_upload_progress plugin: Show ajax upload progress bar with this plugin from github.
  3. EventMachine: Get Excited By Scalable Non-Blocking I/O: Peter Cooper shares EventMachine that helps doing an Event based I/O for Ruby on Rails.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Drink#17: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to QuintanaRoo on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Rails and Merb Merge: Rack (Part 6 of 6): Yehuda Katz has the final post on the series of posts concentrating on Rails and Merb merge in terms of Rack.
  2. MailStyle: A HTML Email Plugin for Ruby on Rails: MailStyle eases HTML mail sending using Ruby on Rails ActionMailer.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Drink#16: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr(creative commons)

  1. RubyConf India 2010 – India's First Ruby Conference « The ...: First Ever RubyConf in India!
  2. Environment Configurable: Justin DeWind from Atomic Objects shares the Environment Configurable plugin to help you easily access environment configuration files using a config object model.
  3. How to use Mail / ActionMailer 3 with GMail SMTP: GMail SMTP always needed some special handling because of the SSL requirement. Now that ActionMailer in Rails 3 is renovated, you might want to check this out for using GMails SMTP service.
  4. Episode 205: Unobtrusive Javascript: As always, Ryan Bates has a wonderful railscast on unobtrusive Javascript.
  5. How To Build A Mac OS X App With XCode and MacRuby: Peter Cooper introduces MacRuby that may work as a replacement for Objective C when it comes about beautiful codes for Mac OS X.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Drink#15: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to Smaku on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet: It looks like a comprehensive cheat-sheet for Ruby on Rails. Especially useful for new RoR programmers.
  2. Building and Scaling a Startup on Rails: 12 Things We Learned the Hard Way: An insightful article on using Ruby on Rails rightly for your startup business.

Drink#14: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to Steve Scap on Flickr

  1. Nagendra: Ruby on Rails - Nifty Generators: Nag shares a simple post on nifty-generators for Rails. If you watch RailsCast you may have seen Ryan using this generator for his demos.
  2. Make Sure Your Rails Application is Actually Caching (and not just pretending): Caching is of no use unless its effective. Read here to see if you are actually hitting the cache!
  3. Rails 2 and Rails 3: So Happy Together: A simple way to use Rails 2 and 3 on the same machine without conflicts.
  4. Preview-Fu on Ruby on Rails with Paperclip, ffmpeg and STI (Part 2): Preview-fu + Paperclip makes showing previews easier!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Drink#13: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to Irish Typepad on Flickr (creative commons)
  1. data_miner: Easily implement Import feature from XML, CSV, ODS, XLS to your ActiveRecord models in Ruby on Rails.
  2. Yahuda Katz on Rails 3: Yahuda, a key developer of the rails core team, shares a presentation on Rails 3 at InfoQ.
  3. Developing iPhone applications using Ruby on Rails and Eclipse, Part 1: Serving content for iPhones: See this post from IBM to develop iPhone friendly RoR apps using Eclipse. I found some recommendations work well even if you are not a big fan of Eclipse for your RoR development.
  4. Dragonfly: Image Handling For Champions: Peter Cooper shares Dragonfly an image generation gem using Ruby (which is not same as paperclip).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drink#12: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to ztephen on Flickr (creative commons)
  1. Background Jobs in Ruby on Rails: 4 lines of code has an awesome post on implementing long running tasks in RoR apps that can be pushed to a background worker process. This is about the different options and their merits/demerits. I found it really helpful.
  2. Show your objects baby!: Carlos Antônio introduces ShowFor that helps DRY implementation of show views using some helpers.
  3. Setting up a Ruby on Rails stack on Rackspace Cloud « Rails Rant: John shares a shell script that helps in setting up RoR on Rackspace cloud.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Drink#11: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to libraryman on Flickr (creative commons)
  1. ActiveSalesForce: ActiveRecord adapter for SalesForce to make your life easy with SalesForce integrated apps.
  2. Making Ruby Fast: The Rubinius JIT: Evan Phoenix writes about the Rubinius JIT that can compile your most used ruby code to machine codes to make it faster. I thought it was impossible to compile a dynamic language, I am not sure how stretched the JIT gets! 
  3. From CodeIgniter to Ruby on Rails: A Conversion: Dan Harper shows a step by step conversion of a "simple shoutbox application" from the php based framework CodeIgniter to Ruby on Rails.
  4. A comprehensive Ruby on Rails security guide: This is really a comprehensive one. Take a look if you really care for the security of your Ruby on Rails app.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Drink#10: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to Barbloke on Flickr

  1. Ruby's Metaprogramming Toolbox: An awesome post on ruby metaprogramming, its short and gets right to the point. Enjoy!
  2. Stubbing and Setting Expectations on HTTP Requests Is Now Easy With WebMock: Stub HTTP requests using WebMock.
  3. Episode 204: XSS Protection in Rails 3: Ryan Bates has a screen cast on Cross Site Scripting protection based on Rails 3.
  4. Vanity for A/B testing: I remember using Google Website Optimizer to come up with a page content (buttons, images, texts and such contents) out of a few candidate options that yields maximum yield. Now, you can do it for your RoR application using vanity. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drink#9: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Photo credits to Mushroom and rooster on Flickr (creative commons).

  1. FunOnRails: RailsTinyMCE - A Rich Text Editor for ruby on rails: Sandip Ransing shares the rails plugin that wraps TinyMCE, a good way to add rich text input to your RoR app.
  2. Ambitious Query Indexer: This plugin gives you indexing suggestion based on your queries instead of just the table structure.
  3. Rails 3: Let ActiveRecord Manage Your Translations: I18n is really a simple way to internationalize an RoR application. However, now you can use ActiveRecord to store the translation in the db instead of the yml files. You can also use chaching that comes in-buit with this.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drink#8: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Image credits to CatPiper on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Video Made Easy with Ruby on Rails Using Sorenson Media: A library with a good API to help you with videos for your apps!
  2. 9 Ruby on Rails Backup Solutions: Thinking about backing up the important pieces of your Ruby on rails app? Read this post to learn about 9 different options to try.
  3. 50 of the Best Websites Developed Using Ruby on Rails: I am not sure if you call these "web sites" or "web applications", but this is surely a good collection of the best web-designs on top of RoR.
  4. Configuring Hybrid Ruby on Rails Applications On EY-Cloud: Ron Evans shares his experience in deploying his hybrid rails app (rails + Data mapper + sinatra) to the EY cloud.
  5. Ruby on Rails in IIS 7.0 with URL Rewriter: I still remember my first time when I tried to install a rails app under IIS 6. It was full of pain and I never did than again :-( However, if you are looking into IIS7.0 to host your rails app, this post has a solution for you.
  6. Liquidizer: Render Liquid view templates that are stored in the database using Liquidizer!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drink#7: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Photo credits to Vidiot on Flickr (creative commons)

  1. Flickr Screen Saver: Terry shares an open source rails app that lets you bring your flickr photos into a page with some goodies.
  2. Generating Pdfs From Ruby on Rails: Andy shares a code example that converts your Rails views into PDFs using the wicked-pdf plugin. It doesn't require having a custom DSL and uses simple html and css instead.
  3. Gravatar for Ruby and Ruby on Rails: Douglas Sharer shares a simple code snippet that you can use to show Gravatar images of people on your application.
  4. Hobo: Rails has done a pretty good job in making things rapid, really rapid. But Hobo takes Rails even one step ahead! Even less code! Its surely worth taking a look (although I am not sure if its gonna be a mainstream thing).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Drink#6: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Photo from ginnerobot on Flickr (Creative Commons)

  1. Put your mailer where the action is!: Rails 3 is bringing the mailers in alignment with controllers with a common abstract class. However, this post is about where should you actually call your Mailer method based on a need basis.
  2. In-depth JRuby Q&A: What Makes JRuby Tick in 2010?: Read this interview session to find why is JRuby worth in comparison to the original ruby implementation.
  3. RefineryCMS: This one looks really promising for people looking for a simple RoR based CMS.
  4. RailRoad: Looking for a solution to extract out the class diagram from your rails application? Give it a try. It has quite a few control argument to generate the diagrams that suit your need.
  5. RabbitMQ and AMQP in Ruby: 4 Lines of Code has a nice code example on Message Queuing using RabbitMQ and AMQP.

Drink#5: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

Photo credits: Liber on Flickr (Creative Commons)

  1. Code Message: Rails Fire has a nice article on making Ruby code smart. See this code example based on the use of Regex, Hash and ||= operators. A nice to read for beautiful coders!
  2. Ruby On Rails: The Technology Behind Twitter: Hear David Hansson speaking about his move from Denmark to Chicago and Twitter being unable to scale using Ruby on Rails! 
  3. Episode 203: Routing in Rails 3: Ryan Bates has a RailsCast on the new routing features of Rails 3.0 and tips for migration of your Rails 2.x routes to the new standards.
  4. Using Sinatra to test remote services in Rails: Elad Meidar shares his code that you can use to test your remote services.
  5. Metaprogramming: Ruby vs. Javascript: A nice post that summarizes the Ruby vs Javascript approach in meta-programming. They have some inherent similarity in terms of scripting language, but of course they differ a lot in many aspects.
  6. Rapid prototyping with HAML, SASS and Ruby: Jeromegn has a nice example in this post on using HAML with SASS and Ruby to develop prototype apps faster.
  7. Unobtrusive, yet explicit: Jamis shows how to use unobtrusive javascript in this this post. He finds out the issue with multi-multi level javascript codes that gets hard to manage often with unobtrusive JS and gives you a good solution!