Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drink#1: Your Ruby on Rails Juice

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Enjoy your free drink of Ruby on Rails!
  1. Running Rails 2.3.x on IronRuby:  Step by step guide to install and launch your First Rails app on top of IronRuby
  2. Rails 3.0: Release Notes:  The Rails guides team put a very comprehensive coverage of Rails 3.0 change-set with a lot of wonderful insights
  3. Avoiding Rails 3 Dependency Hell With RVM:  Frustrated with upgrading to rails 3.0 beta and ruby 1.9+? Use RVM. This railway blog has more on this.
  4. Rails and Merb Merge: ORM Agnosticism (Part 5 of 6): Another great post from Yehuda on Rails and Merb merging as Rails 3 gets ORM agnostic.
  5. Rails 3 Beautiful Code:  A must watch presentation from EnvyLabs on writing beautiful code with the new changes that come with Rails 3! It will give you a free ride to some of the beautiful Rails 3 parks.
  6. Signed and Permanent cookies in Rails 3:  Pratik highlights a recent commit by David that lets you get rid of some boring code to make your cookies permanent and signed. No more setting cookies to expire after 20 years!
  7. Ruby is NOT a Callable Oriented Language (It’s Object Oriented):  Is ruby a callable language? What is a callable language? Katz talks about a debate on ruby and python along being Callable vs. Object Oriented!
  8. How to make an RSS feed in Rails:  A code example from showing the implementation of RSS for a rails project with some discussion on ATOM vs RSS.
  9. Lessons Learned from Three Years of PeepCode:  A detailed post from PeepCode where they retrospect their learning from the 3 years in the business. They end with some clean and simple suggestions.
  10. The Rails Upgrade Handbook is now available:  For $12 read the detailed Rails 3 upgrade tips!
  11. Rails Metrics: know what is happening inside your Rails 3 application:  What's happening inside the rails? Diagnose and check the health of your system as described by José Valim on this post.
  12. Episode 202: Active Record Queries in Rails 3: At Ryan Bates has his first screencast on ActiveRecord query interface in Rails 3.
  13. Episode #21 - On The Edge - Part 3: From NewRelics, this is a video on using Rubber (a Rails/capistrano plugin) to manage Rails scaling at Amazon cloud.
  14. Ruby and Rails Conferences 2010:  So what Rails conference are you willing to join in the next 6 months? Riding Rails gives you the official list on this post.
  15. Unlearn your MBA: David Hanssen speaks to the MBA students at Stanford where he shares his mantra of doing more with less and some stories about 37Signals... a really nice and frank talk!   

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